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About us
Relationships and Business starts with communication and exchange of Information - beneficial relationships - across border, languages and cultures - with local sources throughout Indochina and some very distinguished clients in Europe, Asia and the USA
To understand our Philosophy, allow us to explain, that we never had the ambition to become "BIG" - but we always strive to provide the "best" Service and Products we can.
We rather have a handful of happy clients and principals, than dozens or hundreds of half-satisfied, one-time customers... but this attitude should ideally work both ways, so if you agree and appreciate a close and candid business relationship - we are probably your right Partners in S.E.Asia.
Timber Division of ASIA-TRADE.NET CO.,LTD.
Established since 1997 - the rare the Asian Tigers ceased to roar - we have started to scout the Forests of Indochina, searching of the elusive & precious AMOBOYNA Burls and after much Hardship and many set-backs - we finally succeeded to source and supply this rare and beautiful "Diamond of the Forest" to some of the most respected and selective Veneer-Manufacturers in the world.
One high-profile application of our Amboyna Burls was the prestigious MAYBACH Project of Daimler Chrysler - whose Dashboards are graced with these fascinating Burls. But there are many other smaller and bigger Timber Merchants, Wood-Turners, Knife-Makers and Artists, who enjoy the beauty and value of this "King of Wood" and if you are looking for highly figured Burls or other Exotic Hardwoods - you have certainly come to the right place.
We are the FIRST and ONLY European owned and managed - well equipped 'SLICED VENEER' and wood processing Factory in Laos - located in Thakek, Khammouane Province, just across the Thai Border town of Nakhon Phanom.
Please find our Wood-Veneer Catalog of 9 Major Species, which means they are available in large volume and at very reasonable prices ( depending on Dimensions, Order Volume and Grade ) as well as 28 Special and Very Special Wood Species, which are more difficult to source and available in (much) smaller Volumes - at higher prices - but still quite reasonable.
Read Vientian Time News... Vientiane Time Grand Opening Page 1  for Veneer factory Grand opening with H.E. the Austrian Ambassador Mag. Arno Riedel 
We also have a brand-new 'WEINIG UNIMAT GOLD' 6 Spindle Precision Molder, with whom we can process all these Species also into solid wood Boards, Decking, T&G Flooring and Profiles/Moldings for the Furniture & Housing Industry. With our own Kiln-drying facillity with 240 M3 capacity to prepare the wood exactly how you need it.       
We are now ready to start serving & supplying the thriving Furniture and Wood-Market in Thailand with a wide range of Exotic Hardwoods & Veneers right next door instead of time delayed and increasingly expensive Imports from Europe or USA. 
MODUL HAUS (European Budget Housing Technology)
The Modul-Haus Concept is probably IDEAL for the all kind of landscape and conditions for you partly because you/we don't really need any heavy Equipment because each part and 'Modul' can be even carried by 2 Men and transported on-site with small Pickups if necessary. The 'Beauty' of the Modul-Haus Concept is the amazing 'flexibility' to expand or adjust Floor-Plans on a Grid of just 60 CM according to the Terrain - and the advantage of relatively quick assembly of the various Wall, Door and Window Module's on-site, once everything else has been prepared properly.


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